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Meadows Projects has built a reputation for excellence in the area of property management and we offer a professional, proactive and personalised service that is second to none.


Experience Property Management with Meadows Projects!

We pride ourselves on being equipped with the latest systems, procedures and technology to look after the successful management of the property. Our business methodology is to minimise your risk and maximise your return, short term and long term, with total quality management.

What Makes Us Different

Imagine never having to worry about the day-to-day management of your investment property ever again. That’s the kind of stress-free property management service that we will endeavour to provide you when you join Meadows Projects – we guarantee it.

On average, the properties that we manage generate 9% higher than average rents, and experience only half the average industry vacancy period. Imagine how these independently proven results like these could instantly benefit your investment returns.

So if you’re looking for a results-focused, stress-free property management solution, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we understand the importance you place on communication, we also know that you expect the best possible rents with the lowest possible down-time. And in our experience, the only way to truly achieve this is to have your property managed by a specialist property management organisation.

Our mission’s simple; firstly, to take the hassle out of owning an investment property and secondly to help our owners achieve the very best return on their investment.

If that’s what you’re after and would like us to management of your investment property, please contact us.

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Good Property Management is understanding your needs...

  • We understand that as a property investor you are focused on the bottom line.
  • We understand that even a few weeks vacancy each year makes a big difference.
  • We understand the worry, anxiety and cost that a poor tenant can cause you.
  • We understand the impact that an interest rate rise can have on your cash-flow.
  • We understand that unnecessary expenses affect your return dramatically.
  • We understand that every dollar saved makes a big difference in the long run.
  • We understand your need to create equity in your property so you can invest further.
  • We understand your need to know that the advice you’re being given about your investment property is reliable and trustworthy.
  • We understand that you just want everything to be taken care of so that worrying about your investment property is one less thing you need to deal with.
  • We understand that you want property investment to be easy!

Rental Appraisal

Our philosophy at Meadows Projects is: Maximise your rental and minimise your vacancy.

Our team are all trained as Investors not just Property Managers, why not put us to the test. No matter if you’ve just purchased a residential investment property, or you’re considering a change in property managers, or you’re simply just not sure whether your property or real estate is getting the best rent possible, our free, no-obligation rental appraisal can prove to be very valuable.

It takes just a few minutes to fill in the form below, but you could benefit from the results of our report and our property management services for years to come.

Free rental appraisal


Rental Application

To apply for one of our rental properties please download our online Application Form and fax to Meadows Projects 9825 3060.

Perspective Tenants

Meadows Projects will process your application within 24- 48 hours of receipt subject to the successful contact of all referrers. Once processed the application is referred to the Landlord for the final approval.

Payment Of Bond

Once you have been advised your application has been approved by the Landlord the Bond is required to be paid within 24 hours. The Bond is to be paid by Bank Cheque or Money Order and made payable to the RTBA.

Rental Arrears

Rent is due and payable in advance on the 10th of each month and therefore in the second month you will have an adjustment rent to be paid. All rent is paid by direct debit only.

Late Rent Payment

Late rental payments impact on the tenant as they are recorded thus creating a negative tenant profile. If you are having any problems paying rent it is important you contact Meadows Projects immediately to discuss the situation.

Condition Report

The Condition Report establishes the condition of the property at the commencement of your tenancy and is used as a comparison at the end of your tenancy for your Bond Claim.

The tenant has THREE BUSINESS DAYS to complete and return the Condition Report. If you neglect to return the signed copy of the Condition Report as required you could forfeit your right to object if there is a disagreement at the end of your tenancy in regard to the condition of the property.


If you lock yourself out of the property after hours you will need to arrange access at your own expense. Our preferred locksmiths operate 24 hours/7 days a week.


Call 0418 364 837 or 1800 639 441


Call 8503 7187 or 0412 306 039


Your Contents

We recommend all tenants arrange contents insurance. Please note the Landlord cannot be held responsible for the damage to or theft of a Tenants’ belongings.


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Thank you very much for your enquiry.
A Meadows Projects representative will be in contact with you shortly.


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